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As the leaves fall and the days grow shorter, educators enjoy incorporating pumpkin-themed activities into their fall curriculum because it provides a fun and hands-on way for students to learn about various subjects, from math and science (measuring and carving pumpkins) to literacy (describing pumpkins and their life cycle). Additionally, the seasonal theme fosters a sense of excitement and engagement in the classroom, making learning more enjoyable for both teachers and students.

Pumpkin Projects

As the crisp autumn air sweeps in, teachers across the country eagerly embrace the vibrant hues and cozy charm of fall. One of the beloved traditions in many classrooms during this season is the incorporation of pumpkin projects.

In this collection, I have gathered some of my most popular pumpkin projects to use with your students as you embark on this fabulous time of year – fall!

Pattern Pumpkins with Free Template. Kids love this lesson because they get to cut and paste patterns and shapes and add them to their pumpkins. Teachers love the free handout and easy-to-follow instructions.

Yayoi Kusama Infinity Pumpkins. This lesson has “infinite” wow factor. If you love pumpkins and don’t yet love their soul mate — Yayoi Kusama — you will be so happy you learned about this artist. She’s so interesting, and she loves pumpkins more than the rest of us. In my lesson, your students will create their own Kusama-inspired pumpkins. There are so many options included – please explore by clicking on this project below. You’ll find this lesson on TPT.

Pour Painting Pumpkins. This project is the fun kind of messy – kids get to pour paint on pumpkins (fun!). This post explains all that you need to know.

Pumpkin Life-Cycle 3D Agamographs. This is a great pumpkin project to help you integrate art into your science lessons. It’s unlikely your students have done anything like this. It is likely, however, that they’ll remember the life cycle of a pumpkin after completing my project. As always, I’ve designed it to be easy for teachers and time-saving!

Pollock Pumpkins. If pouring isn’t your thing, then maybe your students will like splattering paint with my Pollock pumpkin activity. This is a great activity for young children and great for their gross motor skills.

Welcome to our Patch Collaboration Poster. What is better than one pumpkin? A stack of them! This fun, collaborative poster features a stack of pumpkins and says, “Welcome to Our Patch.” I designed this collaboration poster to be hung on your classroom door.

Projects in this Collection

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Incorporating pumpkin-themed projects into your fall curriculum is more than just a seasonal trend; it’s a time-honored educational tradition that bridges the gap between learning and fun. In fact, there doesn’t need to be a gap – learning should be fun!

Whether you’re a teacher seeking fresh ideas or a parent looking for inspiration, remember that pumpkins are more than just a symbol of autumn; they’re a gateway to an educational journey filled with excitement and learning.

If you decide to carve out time (sorry, I had to) to do any of my pumpkin projects, I’d love to see what your students make. Please submit (from my contact page) pictures or tag me on social media so I can cheer your students on! You will find me on most platforms with the handle @artwithjennyk.

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