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Polar Express Themed Reverse Perspective Project



Here in Santa’s workshop, the lead elf (yours truly) has been hard at work developing an exciting new activity that will introduce a special bit of holiday “magic” into your classrooms (or craft rooms) this year…my Polar Express-themed Reverse Perspective Project.

I’ve had this idea up my (pajama!?) sleeve for a while now—in fact, ever since I first saw the mind-blowing “moving” work by artist Patrick Hughes at an art show back in 2007.

Patrick Hughes invented an entirely new form of optical illusion that he termed “reverspective” (or reverse perspective). In reverse perspective, three-dimensional elements that actually protrude from the surface appear to recede into the distance. This effect confuses your brain and produces a strong illusion of motion in the artwork. It is magical!

And the holiday season is a perfect time to work a bit of magic into your classroom!

So, I’ve created a project that combines the magic of reverse perspective with the magic of The Polar Express and sprinkled it with some Art with Jenny K. pixie dust to save you time and make it as easy as possible to do this with your kids!


Easy for Teachers & Fun for Kids!

I have never regretted any of my Art with Jenny K. purchases.

Jill T.

Jenny!!! You’ve done it again! This looks so fun and comes just in time for our Polar Express day. Thank you for your hard work!

Kimberly P.

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Students will create their own reverse perspective artwork (using Jenny K.’s template) to accompany their studies and celebrations of The Polar Express.
Tried, Tested, and Approved!
My students in Tucson, Arizona, have tried, tested, and approved this project. I recommend this project for grades 2 through 6.
Ideas for when you can use this project…
  • Color the pages while you are watching the movie, The Polar Express.
  • Color the pages while listening to music from the movie’s soundtrack.
  • While students are working, you can read them the book The Polar Express.
  • Use this activity on pajama-themed spirit day!
  • Use for a center/station at a Polar Express-themed holiday party (or to decorate for one).
  • The Polar Express book/movie
  • Jenny K.’s handouts (included) copied onto copy paper.
  • Teaching guides & lesson plan (included).
  • Teaching video (included).
Supplies Needed
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils, markers, and/or crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • 12” x 18” construction paper
  • Handouts on Patrick Hughes, one-point perspective, and reverse perspective.
  • Lesson plan.
  • Written instructions (with pictures).
  • Teaching video (17 minutes) on YouTube.
  • Reverse perspective templates with a The Polar Express theme.
  • Color example (to print and assemble as an example so you don’t have to make one).
Teaching Video – Let’s teach together!
Your purchase comes with a 17-minute YouTube video. In this video, I provide the following…
  • A look at what this project is.
  • A short teaching segment on Patrick Hughes, one-point perspective, and reverse perspective.
  • Complete instructions on how to do this project (with all the necessary tips and tricks to make it successful).
  • Instructions on how to make the illusion work.
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