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What I Believe

I, Jenny K., believe in the creativity of people—from children to adults. In his famous TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson said that we are educating our children ‘out’ of their creative capacities.

My lifelong pursuit is to empower children to safeguard their creativity and to aid adults in reclaiming theirs.

Art is therapeutic. Engaging in artistic endeavors helps manage stress, express emotions, and nurture self-esteem. Most importantly, to me, art serves as a conduit for reconnecting with our innate creativity and curiosity about the world, reminding us of our true selves.

Picasso said, ‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.’ As an art educator, I see myself not only as a teacher but primarily as a student, continuously inspired and enriched by those I guide.

It is my dream to use the power of art to help children (and adults) become more like themselves!

My Tucson Art Studio

I, have an art studio in Tucson, where I teach art lessons, art classes, and art camps and host art-themed parties and events for children and adults.

I am an art educator with decades of experience in various classroom settings. I have successfully taken my expertise out of a single classroom and grown a curriculum business that enables me to share innovative lessons with teachers and students worldwide.

My hands-on studio in Tucson, AZ, serves as a lively hub for classes, camps, and programs that celebrate creativity in every person.

Joy, collaboration, and artistic possibilities come to life in my studio!

Explore all that I have to offer my local community on this page. You can also contact me directly HERE. Please consider joining my local Tucson email list (at the bottom of this page). This email list is specifically for Tucson folks who want to know about my local art happenings!

If you have creative problems—I have creative answers!

Tucson offerings at Jenny K.'s Studio

Jenny K. is available for in-person private or small group art lessons, as well as small homeschool or education pod groups. 

Cost: $75 for 75 minutes (1-2 children).

Additional children (up to 10 total) are $25 per session (on top of the base amount of $75).

If you are interested in private or small group instruction, please contact Jenny K. to arrange and schedule.  

Jenny K. offers a variety of classes at her Tucson art studio. 

These classes usually run in 6-week sessions. 

Please join the email list (at the bottom of this page) to learn about art studio happenings and be notified once those classes are available and open for registration. 

Jenny K. can plan and host your custom art-themed party at her Tucson studio or your home. 

Custom parties are difficult to quote prices for because every situation is unique. Please inquire using the contact page HERE

Jenny K. offers summer art camps. When those camps are available, you will see them posted on this page. Please check back and/or join the email list so you will get direct information about all art camps. 

Details for Summer 2024 are now available HERE

Jenny K. offers immersive art experiences for adults with small group art classes and art-making sessions.

Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and artistic growth together.

See more about adult art-making with Jenny K. HERE

Studio Tour

Tucson E-mail List

Please sign up for my Tucson email list to receive notifications when classes, camps, and offerings are available.

To inquire about art-related things, please contact Jenny directly HERE

Fun Fact

Do you know what famous artist was suspected for stealing the Mona Lisa in 1911?

Pablo Picasso

He was arrested, questioned, and then later released.
Pablo Picasso Activities

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