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Art Elements: How to Teach Line to Kids

How to teach line to kids - a collection from Art with Jenny K.


Art Elements: How to teach line to kids. In this collection, you will find a variety of activities, projects, lessons, and ideas for teaching your students the art element of line.

The following activities are included:

  1. Yarn Maze Activity
  2. Art Elements 101: Unit #1: Line
  3. Meet the Master Artist: Vincent van Gogh
  4. How to Draw an Owl (using chalk)

Why teach line?

Many lists of art elements can be different—but you’ll always find “line” on the list. Line is where it all starts, and starting at the beginning is always good. My hope is that some of these ideas will help you when you are teaching your students about line—or if you are looking for fun activities your students can do to reinforce their knowledge of the art element—line.


Projects in this Collection

Final Thoughts!

I hope you found some of the ideas in this post helpful to you. If you decide to use any of these projects with your students, please tag me on social media (@artwithjennyk) so I can cheer your students on!

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