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Art Elements 101 unit 1: LINE | Art School with Jenny K.




The objective of this unit is for students to learn about the art element of LINE. Students will learn about this art element through direct instruction, looking at examples, and practicing the concepts. Finally, students will apply their knowledge with an art lesson focusing on the art element. Once students are finished, they will understand the art element, LINE, and how it is used in art.

You will find that this unit is divided into six sections; Objectivelearn, and look are designed to help educators introduce and teach the art element LINE. Practiceapply, and complete are designed for students and for printing.

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Easy for Teachers & Fun for Kids!

Teaching Line was my favourite lesson! This program was thorough and easy to follow and teach. Thank you!

Teresa Rocha

I love this for teaching art curriculum and really grasping the art elements with students.

Patricia D.

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Art belongs in all classrooms! When you use it as a tool for art integration, you will not only have your students’ full attention, but you will also be supporting them developmentally and creatively. My Art Elements 101 Course makes infusing art into ANY classroom easy for teachers and fun for kids!



  • Sketchbooks and/or blank paper
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Supplies to color with, like crayons, colored pencils, and markers
  • Glue
  • Yarn (in a variety of colors)



  • Teacher reference pages
  • 8-minute YouTube teaching video
  • Art element handouts for students
  • Culminating art project: Yarn yaks (handouts and instructions included)
  • “Deep Dive” Into Art Elements unique tessellation completion certificate



Your purchase comes with an 8-minute YouTube video. In this video, I do the following…

  • Preview the content included in this unit.
  • Share the objective of the unit.
  • Define the art element.
  • Show examples using famous artists and their artwork.
  • Teach “real” vs. “implied” lines.
  • Explain the sketchbook assignments.
  • Explain the lesson; Yarn Yaks.
  • Explain the fish-shaped tessellation completion certificate.
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