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Have some “Fun in February” with some of my many ideas. You can use these with your students right away. They have all been tried and tested by me and my colleagues over the years. Hopefully, these fun February lessons and ideas will save you time and allow you to enjoy more time with your friends and families when you aren’t teaching.

This project has extra credit! Check it out!

My interactive coloring sheets all started with my “Pop Art Heart” interactive coloring page. My pages have become hugely popular with kids and teachers around the world. I now have a classroom set of Pop Art interactive coloring sheets themed for every major holiday (in the USA) and all four seasons. There are approximately 77 different designs included in this resource with interactive and pattern-filled options for both for a total of 154 coloring pages (available HERE). I also have a set of coloring pages designed specifically for younger kids (available HERE).

valentines day coloring sheets rose and LOVE

After many thousands of downloads, my free “Pop Art Heart” coloring sheet has been removed from my TPT store (for reasons I won’t bore you with—you’ll have to trust me on this one). A full collection of Valentine’s Day designs is available HERE in its place.

free valentine's day coloring page from Art with Jenny K.

However, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone who might find this link via Pinterest and still be looking for the free heart, so my “Pop Art Heart” coloring sheet is now available for FREE by subscribing to my e-mail list. Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll be able to download your free copy right away. Sign up HERE (or in the quick form below).

*Please remember that my “Pop Art Heart” coloring sheet is for personal classroom use only.

You & Your Students will L-O-V-E Them!

I know precisely why you will love my coloring pages because teachers just like yourself have told me over the years, and I have used them for so many years I have seen just about everything!

      • No two coloring sheets will ever come out the same.
      • Your students get to be the artists that they truly are.
      • The final artwork will be as original as the student who designs them.
      • My pages include writing prompts to easily integrate this art activity into your curriculum.
      • They provide great stress relief for children.
      • Coloring calms kids. Repeat after me, coloring calms kids
      • Perfect for morning work, early finishers, rainy day recess, etc.
      • I provide instructions, examples, and options so they are easy for substitutes.

Find the Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages HERE.

Fun in February with Math

My interactive coloring sheets inspired me to create several math review coloring sheets featuring designs for various holidays, including Valentine’s Day. These math sheets review arithmetic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and place value.

Art Integration Love Math

My Pop Art math review coloring sheets are always popular with teachers because using art integration is a great way to engage students in their learning. The best part is that kids can’t guess the answer to the math problem. They have to work it out.

Teachers love that, and kids are engaged the entire time. My math coloring sheets make great morning work, rainy day recess activities, activities for early finishers, and any other time you need kids to practice math facts or place value.

Holiday Themed Math Facts Coloring Sheets

Valentine's Day math coloring sheet.

I have many sets of my Pop Art math-fact review coloring sheets. Each math set reviews addition up to 20, subtraction from as high as 25, and the times tables for multiplication and division. I have them for Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, Easter & many more.

You can find my Valentine’s Day-themed math fact coloring sheets HERE or the entire set bundled together (10 holidays/seasons) HERE 

Place Value Coloring Sheets

Place value coloring page.

I also have a collection of coloring sheets to help work on place value. As your students are working on place value, they will also be creating bright, beautiful pieces of artwork at the same time. This set includes 40 coloring pages broken down into 4 sections.

Beginner and advanced levels are included as built-in discreet differentiation among your students. I have chosen images for various holidays throughout the year so that they will always be useful.

Place Value Coloring Page.

These sheets are wonderful for math centers, early finishers, informal assessments, sub plans, morning work, and more. The holiday themes make them perfect for back-to-school activities, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Spring, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and summer!

You can find this resource HERE.

Fun in February with English Language Arts

I recently developed (in collaboration with Brain Waves Instructions) a collection of my Pop Art coloring sheets that incorporate English Language Arts teaching and review. These sheets include the concepts of parts of speech and homophones. Like my math sheets, these English Language Arts sheets have proven to be a huge hit with teachers and kids alike.

They make learning and reviewing grammar fun!

Parts of Speech

Parts of speech coloring page.

My parts of speech sheets collection includes starter, basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced coloring pages to help students (grades 2 to 8) practice parts of speech and review their grammar. This set includes 10 images for different times of the year. You will find that “discreet” differentiation is easy because it includes FIVE levels. Here are a few things teachers have to say about these pages.

The entire set can be found HERE. (A free sample is available here for Parts of Speech).


Homophones coloring page.

I have another set of coloring sheets to review homophones. This set includes 10 images for each level (basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced) appropriate for different times of the year.

Great English Language Arts / Fine Arts integration activity! A free example is available HERE to give you an opportunity to see how these sheets work. The entire set, including designs for Valentine’s Day, is available HERE.

Thanks for reading and for making art with your students!

Jenny K.

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Extra Credit!

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day card stARTers for your students are available HERE. This resource includes 12 different card “starter” ideas/templates. They are designed to start the creative juices flowing in your students. Some starter designs are more intricate than others to help provide you with some differentiation options. These card starters help students surmount what is often the highest hurdle—deciding what to draw.

Students love to be creative, and they love to give cards to people they care about, especially around Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day activity will help you foster both of those interests in your students. Each child is given a “starter” to a picture they can complete however they like. This will become the front of a greeting card. Students will then write a nice message inside and give the card to someone special! Encourage your students to be as creative as possible. They can dream up any design using the portion of a picture that has been provided to them. This activity will allow your students to show their individuality and creativity.

It will give them a place to “start” making their Valentine’s Day cards.

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