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DIY Valentines Gifts for Kids!

DIY valentines


My daughter and I created recycled crayons in the shape of hearts this year. This is DIY at its best. She and I created these cute Valentines to share with her classmates for Valentine’s Day. The best part about this DIY Valentine’s idea is that it’s inexpensive and easy.

You’ll just be melting down old crayons to remold them into new shapes!

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All of the instructions on how to make recycled crayons are available on my YouTube channel. Click HERE or on the image below to see those instructions.

DIY Valentines - gifts for kids - recycled crayons.

To do this project, you will want to gather all the little scraps of crayons you have at home or school. You will also need small glass jars (I use baby food jars), candy molds, and small bags to put the final crayons in. The video linked above will explain all the steps of making your own recycled crayons (I won’t repeat all of that here). You can make recycled crayons for lots of different reasons.

I’ve made them to have on hand as gifts, as rewards for my students, and now as DIY Valentines for my daughter’s classmates. To make our little Valentines, we used heart-shaped molds. You can find heart candy molds at local stores, or Amazon has this great set with hearts and other shapes included. Click HERE to see the entire set or HERE for just hearts.

DIY valentines for kids - how to make recycled crayons from Art with Jenny K.

After we made our heart-shaped crayons, we divided them up, three to a bag. I got these cute little bags at Michaels. Any bag will do just fine. Amazon has these cute cellophane ones and these small, cute paper bags. On the back, I wrote, “Recycled crayons made by: _________” and I had my daughter sign her name. Then, I made enough copies to tape these little tags to the back of the bags so that classmates and parents would know these were crayons we made ourselves.

DIY valentines for kids - how to make recycled crayons from Art with Jenny K.
DIY valentines for kids - how to make recycled crayons from Art with Jenny K.

Now, our festive bags of DIY Valentines are all full and ready to go!

DIY valentines for kids - how to make recycled crayons from Art with Jenny K.

The great thing about recycled crayons is that you can make them into any shape molds you have. I’m always on the lookout for cool new molds. Here you can see my daughter using a new one we just got – of unicorns!

DIY valentines for kids - how to make recycled crayons from Art with Jenny K.

Not in the mood for DIY Valentines this year? Get a box from Amazon – I won’t judge, or my Valentine’s Day Card Starters

Thanks for reading, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jenny K.

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Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day card stARTers for your students.

This resource includes 12 different card “starter” templates. They are designed to start the creative juices flowing in your students. Some of the starter designs are more intricate than others in an effort to help provide you with some differentiation options.

Each child is given a “starter” to a picture that will then become the front of a greeting card. They will then write a nice message inside and give the card to someone special!

This activity will allow your students to show their individuality and creativity and give them a place to “start” making their Valentine’s Day cards.

Also included is a step-by-step VIDEO you can use to do the teaching of this Valentine’s Day Activity!

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