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Crayon Wax Resist Art Trick

Crayon Wax Resist Art Trick





The objective of this center is for students to create symbols for Valentine’s Day with white crayons and then apply watercolor paint on top. The paint will resist the areas with crayons and reveal the crayons below. Kids love my crayon wax resist art trick.

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  • Half sheet of watercolor paper (your choice of size)
  • White crayons
  • Watercolor paint
  • Watercolor brushes

Great For

This project is great for elementary-age students. I use this crayon wax resist trick as a center/station in my classroom. It’s great for a Valentine’s Day classroom party!


  1. Draw with a Crayon

    To begin this center, students will first draw hearts or other Valentine’s Day symbols using white crayons. They can do either a large one with designs/patterns in it or several small ones. It can be hearts or some other symbolism—maybe things they love?

  2. Paint

    After students have drawn with the white crayon, they will paint over their drawings.

  3. Experience the Magic

    The wax from the crayon sits on the paper, and it will resist the paint and create a fun, magical experience for the kids. They always love seeing it appear.


I have used this technique for “secret messages” for scavenger hunts and such things. Keep this crayon wax resist art trick in mind the next time you might need something like it.

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