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Cancer Ribbon Interactive Coloring




October is breast cancer awareness month and to honor and support all those fighting this terrible cancer (and all other cancers as well) I have created a cancer awareness coloring sheet in my traditional interactive style. These cancer awareness coloring sheets are completely free to use with your classes and you will find the link at the bottom of this post.

Interactive Coloring Sheets: How-to

 1. Using the patterns in the five small boxes at the bottom of the page as suggestions, fill in the different parts of the picture with patterns. Every time you run into a black line you need to change the pattern. You don’t have to put patterns in all the areas, you can leave some blank. It’s okay to repeat the patterns in different sizes in different areas or make up your own.

Cancer awareness coloring sheet

2. Color all the shapes and patterns. Use crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

3. Cut out the large rectangle with the finished work. Display for all to see!

Cancer awareness coloring sheet

Below is a “work in progress.” Notice how many shades of pink are being used. I pulled pinks, reds, and light purples from boxes of crayons, markers, and colored pencils in order to create a variety of hues. By overlapping mediums, I was able to create texture and visual interest. This lesson is great for introducing the art concept of monochromatic (just using shades of one color). You could use these ribbons for any cause awareness and just change the colors accordingly. I included a few simple writing prompts with these sheets as well.

Cancer awareness coloring sheet

Cancer awareness coloring sheet example

Cancer awareness coloring sheet

Please click HERE or on the photo (above) to get your FREE interactive cancer awareness coloring sheet.

This project could easily be adapted from 1st grade to high school. Since drawing in the patterns can be challenging, especially for the early grades, I have also created a coloring sheet (included in this packet and all my coloring sheet packets) that already has the patterns included in it. This way you can differentiate for younger or less advanced students. For older students, I’ve used my interactive coloring book to have students first sketch out their ideas for a Pop Art image and then I have them create paintings from them. In the video below you can see me using this technique with the bee design from my spring coloring sheet set on TPT.

YouTube Video HERE. 

Here you will see images of students working with the summer ice cream cone. They first design their image, then draw it on larger paper, and then paint it.

Cancer awareness coloring sheet

I did these ice cream cones with 3rd graders and they looked amazing, can you imagine how great these would be with middle school and high school students??? If you do them please tag me on Instagram (@artwithjennyk) or send me an e-mail. I’d love to see this done with older students too. You can do this variation with any of my interactive coloring sheets. If done with the ribbons there would be so many unique and beautiful images to share with your school community. Maybe you could even have kids do all different colors for all the different kinds of cancer awareness.

Please click HERE to get your FREE interactive coloring sheet.

Thanks for reading, 

Jenny K.

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