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Pop Art Rosa Parks

Pop Art Rosa Parks


Say WHAT???? Last week, my kindergarten through second-grade students used my “unscramble the portrait” portion of my collaborative grid Rosa Parks poster. I wanted them to practice cutting, gluing, and identifying the correct place on the grid where the portrait/puzzle pieces should go. This was all in preparation for Rosa Parks Day at the beginning of February. They had fun with it! But, wow, it challenged some kids more than I realized it would (especially some tiny kinder kiddos).

One of my second graders started coloring his picture in striking colors. I began to think, Wow, what a GREAT idea! Why didn’t I think of that???

The answer to this question is easy. It’s because kids are WAY more innovative and creative than I can ever dream of being. 

The next time I saw this group of students (a week later), I raved about this boy’s decision to make his Rosa Parks portrait so colorful. I showed them some of Andy Warhol’s work and asked them to color their pictures with “unusual, fun, bright” colors.


Yes, they did look at me a little bit strange. But that’s okay. That just means I got their attention. Then they got to work. Many kids had already committed to a brown skin tone for the face, so we left it at that (also great). Others really got into coloring using pop art colors. I think their work came out pretty great!!! 

Pop Art Rosa Parks

Pop Art Rosa Parks Unscramble Activity

I made a beautiful display of them in my room and can’t wait until my other classes see this.

My older students (grades 3-5) are drawing Rosa Parks, and they are as jealous as can be that the “little kids” get to cut and paste the picture!

This project is a bonus activity in my Rosa Parks collaborative grid project, but I include it here for my blog readers for free!

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The steps are straightforward…

1. Start by cutting out the various pieces.

2. Then, place them in the correct space (I have included a grid version for preschool and kindergarten children with the letter and number written in the spaces).

Pop Art Rosa Parks Unscramble Activity

3. Next, cut out the final portrait.

4. Finally, have students color Rosa Parks with bright “pop art” colors!

Pop Art Rosa Parks Unscramble Activity

This freebie also includes an “unscramble” drawing version of Rosa Parks. This version is ideal for older students, where kids can draw the correct shapes in the grid to show a beautiful drawing of Rosa Parks!

Pop Art Rosa Parks Unscramble Activity

Here is an example from a teacher who used my Abraham Lincoln FREEBIE and did the same fun Pop Art idea with her students.

Pop Art Rosa Parks Unscramble Activity

Over the years, I have created many unscramble portrait activities. You can see them all HERE. Here is an example from a teacher who has used many of my pages.

Pop Art Rosa Parks Unscramble Activity

Last but not least, if you are looking for something that will really WOW your class, you might like the entire lesson on Rosa Parks. You can view it HERE.

Pop Art Rosa Parks Unscramble Activity

Thanks for reading and for making art with your students!

Jenny K.

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