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What’s the Story Behind the Logo?

What's the Story Behind the Logo?





Have you ever wondered what the story is behind a picture you see? You know there always is a story! Was it someone’s wedding, and it had just rained, and they were trying to look “happy” for their happiest day ever? Was it their birthday, and they just got surprised by all their favorite people? The snapshot is a moment in time, but there is always more behind that moment…

Recently, I was looking for the picture that my Teachers Pay Teachers store logo was created from, and I started thinking about “the story” behind that photo. That made me wonder…What is the story behind all those familiar pictures associated with all those wonderful TPT stores?

What makes someone decide on one picture versus another as their store logo—intended for all to see? What makes one person choose a photo, and another choose a non-photo design? I know there must be great stories involved.

I thought it would be fun to hear directly from other teacher-authors and let them tell the story behind their logos! So, I’m hosting this link up so you can tell your story, and we can all learn more about one another, get some laughs, and, hopefully, not do too much crying! So without further ado…

What is the story behind the logo's we see online?

Here is the story behind my logo.

This is the picture that the logo for Art with Jenny K. was designed from.  This was taken on Christmas Eve 2007 with one of my favorite Aunts in Alamogordo, NM!

What is the story behind the logo's we see online?

My husband and I have always been big fans of “Pop Art” with DREAMS of one day owning something by Andy Warhol (keep dreaming, right?!), and in 2008 my husband was playing with some photographs and turning them into Pop Art images a la Andy Warhol style.

Here is the process the photo went through via my hubby. I’ve always (thought I) wanted pink hair, but I have never been brave enough actually to do it. So my dear husband went ahead and did it for me…virtually, at least!  Not so bad, really!

What is the story behind the logo's we see online?  Art with Jenny K Pop Art images

My husband (apparently proud of his own work) had the bottom two printed side-by-side in large format, and my pop-art portrait diptych now hangs in our very “Pop Art”-themed room. My 2-year-old usually points at them and says, “Two mommies!”

…oh, if only my dear!

Art with Jenny K Round Logo

My TPT logo is a combination of those last two images—pink hair with a blue background—that I thought went well together. After all, I am an art teacher, so we’re proudly a little out of the ordinary! I use this logo not only for my Teachers Pay Teachers store but also for my Art with Jenny K pages on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and anywhere else I can think of!

Funny thing is, in writing this post, I learned something about the story behind my logo. The picture below is the picture I always thought was used for my logo until I started looking through them to find the perfect match. This picture is of me with all of my siblings. I am the oldest of all five. We all look quite different now than we did back in ’07, so they’ll probably kill me for posting this, but…

What is the story behind the logo's we see online?

And while I am sharing pictures of that evening (and this story), the picture below (right) is one of my all-time favorite pictures of me and my husband—the mastermind behind the logo (he didn’t even tell me to write that!).

Little did this man know that the images he made so many years ago (before we were married) would be the logo for our TPT store that we so happily manage together (I’m sure he would NEVER have guessed he’d be “pinning” for me either?!…but we wives have that effect on our hubbies, don’t we?).

What is the story behind the logo's we see online?

So that is my story and the story behind the logo for Art with Jenny K.

Now, let’s hear your story!

Please join me and link up with your story. Use the graphic I have provided below and simply add your logo to the top right corner and use it in your blog post. Then mention you are linking up with Art with Jenny K. in your blog post, and then come link up. I can’t wait to hear all the neat stories behind those creative logos on Teachers Pay Teachers. This link-up does not currently have an “end” date!

What to do:

(closed to new submissions)

1. Write a blog post explaining the story behind your logo on your own blog.

What is the story behind the logo's we see online?

2. Use the template below to add your logo to the top right corner like I have done, and use that graphic in your blog post.

3. Mention somewhere in your blog that you are “Linking Up” to Art with Jenny K. for your blog post.

4. Click on the “inlinkz” button below to link your blog to this one.

5. OPTIONAL: If you would like the InLinkz to show directly on your blog post and make it even easier for others to link to us, then you add this code to your html text. If this code doesn’t work, e-mail me at artwithjennyk(at) some blog types need other sets of code that I can provide to you. Please NOTE: add your code while in html mode, and it probably won’t show the link up until it’s published.

Closed to new submissions. 

Thanks for reading!

Jenny K.

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