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Earth Day Art Projects – Roundup

Earth Day Art Projects





I have many fun and easy Earth Day art projects you can do in your classroom. I’ve rounded them all up in this one post so you can see them easily. Many involve using reused materials and are excellent community projects for your class. I hope you enjoy them!

These projects are lovely in the art room, but my goal is to bring art integration to classroom teachers and empower them to succeed with the arts. Parents enjoy these ideas as well. I hope you find a fun idea you can use this year for your Earth Day celebrations or for any time of the year! This post is a round-up of my ideas. Please click on the images or colored text below to see the full directions for each idea!

Water Bottle Fish

Water bottle fish for Earth Day art project. Recycle , reuse and inspire creativity!

Use your recycled water bottles and let kids make fish out of them. Using simple materials like tissue paper and glue, kids will enjoy a new perspective on an everyday object. (click on the image to see full post)

Cereal Box Shoes

Recycled cereal boxes have a ton of great uses, and here the kids can use all the beautiful colors and shapes found on the boxes in combination with their imaginations to become the designer of a fun, unique pair of (cereal box) shoes.

Earth day art: Cereal Box shoes. Kids design their own shoes using cereal boxes. Reuse a common material and see how they respond!

(click on the image to see full post)

Interactive Coloring Sheets

Earth day interactive coloring sheets

We all know how much kids love to color. However, when completed, coloring sheets usually look pretty similar to one another. Kids all want blue skies and green grass (well, don’t we all?), but I have created interactive coloring sheets. This means the kids decide on all the important stuff like the final designs, the patterns, and the colors. This year included with my Earth Day interactive coloring sheets are also pattern-filled sheets so that little kids (who might struggle too much with adding in the patterns) can enjoy these activity sheets and prepare for when they can design them on their own.

(click on the image to see this resource)

Interactive coloring sheets to create earth day artwork!

I’ve used my interactive coloring sheets many times during the brainstorming and planning phases of an art project. Kids can practice their ideas and play around with the shapes and colors before committing them to the “good” paper or using paints. They always appreciate this. Of course, the plan always looks great as finished artwork as well!

Earth Day Agamograph

Agamograph art project for classroom teachers during Earth Day.

To read about my newest idea, click on the image below, and you will be able to see a short 13-second video of what happens when you walk from one side of the Agamograph to the other.

Agamograph art project for classroom teachers during Earth Day.

To see this product in my store, click on the image below or HERE.

Recycled Crayons

How to make recycled crayons from Art with Jenny K.

You know I’m all about making you look awesome(er) to your kids, right? What better way to do this than to make your own crayons?! I mean, honestly, they will think this is très cool (because it is)! Use up all your old broken crayons and make new fun shapes by melting the wax and pouring it into candy molds. This post has a video, so you can easily see how to make these crayons.

(click on the image to see full post)

Collaboration Earth Day Poster

Earth day collaboration poster.

It’s fun to decorate your classroom with posters for Earth Day, but if you involve the kids in the process, it’s even MORE fun (for them!) I create collaborative posters for all kinds of occasions. Still, I think Earth Day is particularly remarkable because it encompasses how important it is for everyone to do their part to achieve the desired outcome. Each student must participate and help out with these posters, or else the poster won’t look right with a missing or messed up piece. It’s a powerful message that you hardly have to tell them. They really “get” it all on their own! Keep the poster a surprise until you put it together, and you’ll really make them happy. This resource has two Earth Day poster designs.

(click on the image to see this resource)

Bottle Top State Flag

Speaking of collaboration, this is the mother of all collaboration projects.

Resuse old bottle tops and create your state flag. Great collaboration project!

Using recycled bottle tops, create your state flag (or perhaps an Earth Day image) to display in your community. It’s easier than it looks, and it involves everyone in one way or another.

(click on the image to see full post)

I hope you found something in this Earth Day round-up that you can use now or pin for later. Thanks for reading, visiting my site, and, most of all, for making art with your kids! There are always so many ways to use the arts to excite and educate your children.

Jenny K.

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