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Veterans’ Day Collaborative Flag

Veterans' Day Collaborative Flag


Veterans’ Day Collaborative Flag: On November 11th, we honor the veterans of our great country. What better way to do that than with a classroom collaborative American flag group poster?

There is a great patriotic sense of togetherness in this project because students work together to create this poster. It takes everyone contributing to make it work (just like our country at large or our small classroom community).

American Flag Collaboration Poster

Veterans Day Activities for Kids American Flag Poster

For this Veteran’s Day collaborative flag activity, each student is given a part of the flag poster to color. Each of the pages is marked with the color students will need to use. After each piece is colored, the students cut out the pieces, write the coordinates for the grid on the back, and then assemble the flag.

There are many ways you can put this poster together. I like to tape it from the back so that the tape doesn’t show on the front. However, you could also tape or staple it right to a bulletin board. You could also tape or glue the pieces onto larger butcher paper, roll it up, and save it for the next patriotic holiday.

This classroom collaborative poster is FREE. Click HERE to download.

Make your Veterans’ Day Collaborative Flag Unique!

To give your Veterans’ Day collaborative flag a unique, arts-and-craftsy look, you can encourage your students to color in the spaces using patterns instead of a solid color – this will create a very one-of-a-kind poster. I describe this technique in detail, using a simple heart, in this blog post.

Basically, you can achieve this look by providing students with a value scale of colors. The easiest way to do this is to give students crayons, colored pencils, and markers in one color. For example, if the color they need is blue, you would give them markers, crayons, and colored pencils in shades of blue.  Then, have your students “doodle” in each of the spaces using only the assigned colors. Doing it this way produces an interesting and “textured” final product! You can see an example of this in the image at the start of this post.

Use For Other Patriotic Holidays

Many of the teachers who follow me on Instagram found this poster helpful on September 11th. Here you can see an image by one of my teacher friends on IG where she typed up a writing assignment to go along with the flag for a beautifully rich lesson!

FREE Veterans' Day Collaborative Flag—a unique, fun, and meaningful Veterans' Day activity for kids.

Again, this collaborative poster is FREE for you to use and can be downloaded HERE if you have not already done so!

If you’d like another FREE Veterans’ Day activity, you can join my email list, and I’ll send you my FREE Veterans’ Day thank you note solider paper. Veterans’ Day is a great time of the year to let your students express their gratitude to the men and women who have served our country. Many schools visit veteran homes or have school assemblies to honor our veterans. A thank you note to a veteran is a meaningful way to have your students work on their writing skills while showing their appreciation.

Veterans' Day FREEBIE - Thank you note paper. Get this freebie when you join my email list!

In this freebie, you will find soldier writing paper that your students can color and use to write a thank you note to a veteran. I have included 2 types of lines – one for younger and one for older students to write on.

More Patriotic Art Projects for Kids

If you are looking for other patriotic art projects for your students, I have many others. I will explain a few of them here.

Unique, fun, and meaningful Veterans' Day activity for kids.

I also have a set of my popular interactive coloring sheets with Patriotic images that are great for September 11th, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Presidents Day. 

The best thing about my interactive coloring sheets is that they are more than just coloring—there is no set formula, and no two are ever the same.

Students get to truly test their creative thinking and problem-solving skills when they put together a successful composition of shapes and colors. Students get to think about designs and colors that would be representative of our soldiers and American Patriotic holidays.

Included in this set of coloring sheets are ten images. All images come with interactive and pattern-filled versions—allowing for easy differentiation.

I know as a teacher, your time is very limited, so to help with common core alignment, I have added writing prompts to these coloring sheets. One teacher reviewed my interactive coloring sheets and said this:

“I love that I can incorporate artwork in CCSS using these student designed pictures. These pictures lend themselves to being a springboard for the writing process – addressing Core Standards. Very innovative!! Thank you.”

The results are always stunning and unique!

To view my coloring pages, click HERE.

Unique, fun, and meaningful Veterans' Day activity for kids.

I also have a collaborative poster of a soldier that really got my students talking last year and evoked emotional reactions. It works the same way as the collaborative flag poster I described at the beginning of the post.

You can view it HERE.

Unique, fun, and meaningful Veterans' Day activity for kids.

Read my full blog post about how my Patriotic Agamographs work HERE, or see it in my Teacher Pay Teachers store HERE. You will find this is a unique lesson that will undoubtedly make an impression on any Patriotic event you are honoring.

Patriotic agamograph from Art with Jenny K.

I have made so many agamographs to share on TPT—now I have many 2-way agamographs and 3-way agamographs. I even made one of my 3D collaboration posters (3-way agamograph) for Veterans’ Day (see below). 

Unique, fun, and meaningful Veterans' Day activity for kids.

It is available in my TPT store HERE.

I  hope you and your students enjoy my Veterans’ Day collaborative flag project and any other patriotic art activities you found here on my blog.

Thank you for infusing your classroom with art!

Jenny K.

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