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Easy Holiday Wreath for Kids!


If you are looking for an easy holiday wreath idea for your students, at school or at home, this is the one! This project is one I have done with my students for years. I created this activity as a center for my students. I wanted my students to be independent with this project and follow the steps in sequence. This year I hosted a holiday makers’ market at my art studio and students were able to make small, individual size easy holiday wreaths.

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This project has extra credit! Check it out!


Before you can start with your students, you’ll need to prepare for the kids to do this project. To do that you’ll want to gather your supplies (listed above) and decide where and how your students are going to do this project.


Download PDF Instructions

I created this activity as a center for my students. To make this easy on me (because I can’t be everywhere at once), I printed the steps of my project and hung them up on a bulletin board. I wanted my students to be independent with this project and follow the steps in sequence. If you’d like to do this as well, you can download the free PDF I have included. This PDF has the steps so you can print them for your students.


  1. Make the Wreath Frame

    To make the wreath, my students took two pipe cleaners and connected them. First, they overlapped the pipe cleaners and twisted them together. We left enough room to then connect the top of the pipe cleaners to create a “loop” at the top of our wreath frame. Then we connected the bottom of the frame so that we had a full wreath frame. If the shape isn’t round, you can encourage your students to bend the pipe cleaners to make it so.

    Holiday Wreath for Kids

  2. Tie the Bags

    Now, the really fun part. This part (don’t tell the kids) is great for fine motor skills and strengthening the muscles in our students’ hands. This is always good for kids, especially these days, with as much time as children use devices.

    Students are going to simply tie the sandwich bags onto the wreath frame. To do this, they’ll want to flatten a bag (as pictured below) and then wrap it around the wreath frame and finally tie it.

    When the frame is just getting started and is still flimsy, this part might be challenging for children. Encourage them to help one another until there are enough bags on the frame to start to support the structure of the wreath.

    At first, it might not look like much. That’s okay. Encourage your students to keep going because when it’s complete, it’s stunning!

    Holiday Wreath for Kids

  3. Make Ribbon

    Once our wreaths were complete, we used ribbon to make bows. You can instruct your students on the steps of this (pictured below), or you can let them make their own. If you have pre-made bows, that will work too. Over the years, I’ve used all kinds of things. Use what works for you and your students.

    Holiday Wreath for Kids

  4. Display Final Wreath

    Finally, have your students put a hook (or paper clip) in the top loop they made at the beginning of this easy holiday wreath for kids project. Your students can then hang them on a bulletin board, on a Christmas tree, or of course, take them home and hang them on their bedroom door!

  5. Optional: Make Larger

    A larger wreath makes a great gift for another teacher or for families and is a great addition to any display!


Thanks for exploring my Holiday wreath for kids project.  I’d love to see what you create if you decide to do this project. Please tag me @artwithjennyk on your favorite social media channels so I can see what you do with this idea!

Thanks for reading,
Jenny K.

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