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Celtic Knot Art Activity for Kids

Celtic Knot Art Activity for Kids



In all the years I have been teaching art, I found that students love coloring and drawing Celtic knot designs. They especially love creating Celtic knot initials. Of course, I have many theories about “why” that is…but regardless of the reasons, I have seen it enough times to know they enjoy it. Celtic knots can create calming designs, and they are so intricate that kids have to really focus to figure out how they work— they love that.

When I realized kids are fascinated by these Celtic knot designs, I decided to create a Celtic knot initial art project using the initial of their last name and these Celtic knot designs. This project is great for any teacher of grades 3 and above. Middle school kids also LOVE this project!

I think you will agree that the finished results of this Celtic Knot Art Activity for Kids are amazing!

This project has extra credit! Check it out!


      • 12″ x 17 paper (thicker the better)
      • Pencils, erasers, and permanent markers
      • Watercolor paint, brushes, and cups of water
      • Celtic knot handouts (below)


First, I have the kids practice drawing Celtic knots. This gets them excited and familiar with the knots and designs. I have a full set of these sheets in my online store, but if you’d like a free sample, you can join my email list, and I’ll send them right to you! 

Celtic Knot Art Activity for Kids

The steps are pretty straightforward…

Celtic knot initial steps

I recommend using watercolor paints. If you do use watercolor paints, then it is very important that you have the kids outline with a permanent marker. A water-soluble marker will run when the kids start to paint and use water. However, if you are using tempera or acrylic paint (which would be fine for older students), then any marker would work fine for outlining.

Classroom Examples

Let me show you some of the work the kids created.

Celtic Knot initial art project for kids
Celtic Knot initial art project for kids

Kids will spend weeks working on the details if you let them!

Celtic Knot initial art project for kids
Celtic Knot initial art project for kids

This project would also be really neat if you assigned each kid a letter and did the entire alphabet. You could then display them in your classroom or around your school! You could also write words with them!

Student example.
Student example.

Thanks for reading, and, as always, thank you for making art with your students!

Jenny K.

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Extra Credit!

Unique St. Patrick's Day Craft

If your kids enjoy this Celtic knot project, they might also like my Celtic knot paper project.

This project is original and fun. You won’t find anything like it because I made it up! It’s been tested with my students, and they just LOVED it! I hope your students will as well.

At first glance, this Celtic knot activity might look complicated, which is why it’s so striking when the students complete it! However, in this unit, I give you everything you need (templates and instructions) to easily teach this lesson. Your kids will have fun. After your students are finished, you could challenge them to create a new design if you want to.

Here’s what one teacher had to say:

“These great up for open house and the students had blast creating them!!!

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