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Art and Math for Thanksgiving

Art and math for Thanksgiving


Art and math naturally combine and make beautiful bulletin board displays for the holidays. I like to use the arts to help my students with their academic success as often as possible in my art class because I feel I am contributing to my school community this way. We read, write, and do math whenever it’s applicable. In this post, I’ll share with you my math coloring pages and my free (when you join my email list) We “Heart” Math Collaboration Poster.

Thanksgiving coloring sheets combining art and math

Math Fact Coloring

I had so much fun taking my interactive coloring sheets and turning them into math coloring sheets to combine art and math for the holidays. My students truly loved them. I thought to myself, “Did they really just cheer when I told them we were going to do math in art class?

Thanksgiving math coloring sheets.

As my students were working on these Thanksgiving math coloring sheets, I listened to them talk about the patterns that were being created and worked out the math problems at a slow rumble of chatter–it was in one word—AWESOME!

Thanksgiving math coloring sheets.

S0 Many Different Math Facts!

The fun part about these sheets is that there are so many varieties of math-fact reviews available. I created these sheets for addition up to 20, and subtraction from as high as 25. I also included multiplication and division to review all the times tables.

The math sheets challenged each child on the level they needed. I was surprised by how many students chose division to jump right in. When I created these beautiful Thanksgiving images with my younger students (2nd and 3rd grade), they got to pick between addition and subtraction, and most chose the challenge–subtraction!

You can find my Thanksgiving math coloring sheets in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Thanksgiving math coloring sheets.


The sheets are simple yet powerful. Students solve the math problems in each shape and then color it according to a grid located at the top of the page. For example, if the answer is 20, the color might be red, and so on. This really allowed for processing time, and while students were coloring, they were thinking about math (not talking about video games and gossiping about who likes who–hallelujah). 

Thanksgiving math coloring sheets.


Some classes used crayons, and some used colored pencils. Oh, and if you kind of hate using colored pencils because of all the pencil sharpener “casualties,” check out this post to see how I use them in my room to save my pencil sharpeners (and my sanity!).  

Markers would look great, too, if you have nice fresh juicy ones–kids don’t like using dried-up old markers…neither do I. Who can blame them? Of course, my job is never fully complete until I’ve hung up the kids’ work for all to see. I made a bulletin board display in my room…and hung some up outside in the hallway.

Thanksgiving math coloring sheets.

Where to Find Them

You can see these Thanksgiving math coloring sheets HERE or see my entire BUNDLE with 10 different holidays (seasons) included HERE.  I’ve used these math and art coloring sheets for all major holidays and created over 10 different sets of them. I’ve also created a bundle of all 10 sets.

Thanksgiving math coloring sheets.

Math Collaboration Poster

I recently made a “We Love Math” collaboration poster in my Pop Art style. You can get a free copy for yourself when you join my email list. 

we love math poster on bulletin board from Art with Jenny K.

Thank you for reading and for making art with your students!

Jenny K.

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