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Nutcracker Ballet Activity: The Nutcracker Collaboration Door Poster




The Nutcracker Collaboration Poster. This art activity is intended to complement/supplement any lessons or activities you are doing for the holidays or with The Nutcracker Ballet. This collaborative poster is the perfect way to start a unit or to cap one off. It is an engaging and entertaining way for students to create a large poster as a class.

Each student is given one page of the poster to color. Once all sheets are colored and cut out, they are then assembled to reveal a large collaboration mosaic/poster/mural of a Pop Art Nutcracker.

There are two options so you can choose what works best for you and your students: colors assigned and no assigned colors. Both options are easy!

  • There are 35 pieces. 
  • Each piece fits on 8.5″ x 11″ standard copy paper.
  • The final poster measures approximately 35″ x 63,” but the exact size depends on your printer options.



Easy for Teachers & Fun for Kids!


ratings and counting!

This was a fabulous resource. I used it to incorporate my older students into my winter themed concerts for the younger grade levels. They loved helping contribute to the decorations!

Mary Kate B.

When I explained this project to the kids they were thrilled they would get to make a huge Nutcracker. After our unit on The Nutcracker and the students understood the story, they were thrilled to be able to complete a Nutcracker to display in their classroom. Many classes put them up on their class door or their window so they could show the other students their work as they passed in the hallway. A great way to get the whole class to cooperate and collaborate with one another towards a common goal.

Juan D.

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