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Yayoi Kusama Meet the Master Artist



Teach art history with this time-saving resource!  Art with Jenny K. designed this lesson to make art integration easy for classroom teachers and fun for kids! Children love making art. They also love to learn art history, especially when presented with a fun, new, and exciting activity like this.

Meet the Master Artist Yayoi Kusama 2-page Activity 3 Levels.

Children are often fascinated to learn about the master artists who have created many famous artworks they love and recognize. Usually, it can be overwhelming for a teacher who has so many things on their plate to figure out fun and engaging art history lessons. That’s where Art with Jenny K. comes in. Rarely, as educators, do we have only one type of learner. Therefore, I have included 3 levels with various options. This lesson can be easily differentiated among your students and used with many grade levels.

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Easy for Teachers & Fun for Kids!


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Thank you for sharing. I work with students with severe emotional disorders and behaviors. (They rarely find any assignments enjoyable.) Your resource was extremely helpful for me to track specific IEP goals. Thank you for making my job easier and helping me save time.

Bridget M.

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  • Biography Video: I like to do as much as I can to save teachers time. That is why I have included a short biography video about Yayoi Kusama. Once you purchase this resource, you will have access to two formats: streaming from YouTube and downloadable from Dropbox (if your school blocks YouTube). This video presents the information that is on the biography page. You can show this to your students and have them follow along and read the biography sheet. Or they can sit and listen to the material presented in this video.
  • Art Example: Yayoi Kusama Yellow Pumpkin
  • Yayoi Kusama Biography 1-page mini-poster (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Written Instructions for the students
  • Written Instructions for the teacher


  • Paper:  You can use standard copy paper for this project. If you have access to thicker copy paper, such as 32lb or card stock, you can also use that. Be sure that the paper you use supports the medium of your choice. For example, if you use markers, you want thicker paper that won’t curl up when it gets damp. Also, keep in mind that it might be more challenging for younger children to cut around the outline of the artist’s portrait if you use thick card stock.
  • Scissors: Your students will need to cut out pages 1 and 2, so please be sure they have scissors to do so.
  • Medium:  You can use a variety of mediums for this project. The important part is that your students know how to use the materials and that the paper thickness matches what you are using. You can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or a variety of paints. Your students will need a basic pencil to sketch their artwork, and I like to give students a black marker to outline (but this isn’t necessary). You can use crayons and colored pencils on thinner copy paper. Markers and paint will work better on thick copy paper (I like to use 32lb laser printer paper) or white card stock if you can run this through your copy machine. If you are going to be using paint (watercolor, acrylic, or tempera), you will want a thicker paper that won’t tear when it gets wet from the liquid of the paint.
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