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Great SEL Activity: Words of Positive Affirmation Collaborative Poster



This collaborative poster project is so much fun. Not only does it involve the participation of everyone in the classroom, but also, in the end, you will have a large, eye-catching poster to display in your classroom, on a bulletin board, door, or hallway to provide inspiration and motivation to your students!

The collaborative poster reads, “We are… creative, unique, thinkers, resilient, smart, patient, confident, inclusive, kind, caring, brave and persistent.”

Poster Details:

  • There are 39 total pages in this collaborative poster.
  • The final poster is approximately 19” wide and 84” (7 feet) tall. If you need the poster to be smaller, there are instructions provided on doing that along with other display options.
  • There are 12 words of affirmation—each word is created from three pieces of paper. These words are creative, unique, thinkers, resilient, smart, patient, confident, inclusive, kind, caring, brave, and persistent.
  • There is also a title, “We are…” which also fits on three pieces of paper.

Easy for Teachers & Fun for Kids!


ratings and counting!

My students love collaboration posters! This is my 3rd year doing them, and this one is hanging by the front door. I found it perfect for the beginning of the year!

Ryan D.

My students coloured these at the beginning of the year and we posted them on a bulletin board. We recited the words each morning as an affirmation. It stayed up all year and each of the words led to some great discussions. I will be doing the same thing next year.

Gwen M.

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