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Great Claude Monet Art Project for Kids!




Monet: Reflections & Symmetry using Monet’s “magic solution.” Students love the work of Claude Monet. Use step-by-step instructions and the step-by-step demonstration video to learn how you can teach your students about reflections using Monet’s “Magic Solution”.

There is also a pdf slide show included that introduces Monet to your students, so you don’t have to create this yourself. This is one of those lessons students will remember for years to come!

If you are an art teacher, you probably already teach Monet…but do you know this trick? If you are a classroom teacher, the uses for this technique are endless, and you’ll be glad you have this tool in your box of magic tricks for your students! If you teach your students about symmetry, you have to know this fun new trick!

You will need to purchase liquid starch for this project.




Easy for Teachers & Fun for Kids!


ratings and counting!

Loved this! Made my workload lighter and was incredible for the kids! They loved it! Produced great work thanks to this!

Danielle G.

As usual, the art lessons from this creator are awesome! I like the step by step instructions and the photos of actual examples. Thank you!

Teresa V.

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